D users in Munich, Rome, Venice, or Frankfurt?

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Tue May 12 13:07:00 PDT 2009

"Paul D. Anderson" <paul.d.removethis.anderson at comcast.andthis.net> wrote in 
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> Aren't languages wonderful? Here's a language that goes to all the trouble 
> to have gender-specific articles and doesn't use them for restrooms!!
> (Yes, I know "gender" in a language doesn't necessarily corellate with 
> "gender" anatomically. And I'm not suggesting Engllish is any more logical 
> than the rest. A good read on the subject is George Lakoff's "Women, Fire 
> and Dangerous Things".)

In my high school spanish class, they said that the spanish word for 
mustache (whatever that was, I don't remember) was a feminine noun. I always 
found that strange. I mean, why not just replace the last letter with an 'o' 
and consider it a masculine noun? 

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