When will D1 be finished?

BCS none at anon.com
Tue May 12 19:25:13 PDT 2009

Hello Andrei,

> We must have quality to offer. And at the risk of annoying BCS and
> others, let me point out that I don't think this is the best way to go
> (although it does work and God knows I've done it): "I might (note I
> said might, I'm not committing to anything... yet) be able to put
> together a talk on something."

For those who didn't spot the inside joke there: Last time around I said 
something non-committal about maybe having something I could present and 
the next thing I knew, I had an hour slot in the schedule to fill, talk about 
motivation to get something done!

The nitty-gritty this time around is that I have a project in mind that, 
if I can get it working would make a reasonable presentation (but I haven't 
started it yet). If I /knew/ there was as call for presentations out and 
a deadline (and maybe funds to get speakers on site :) I'd *make* time to 
see what I could do with it and then commit, or not. 

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