D users in Munich, Rome, Venice, or Frankfurt?

BCS none at anon.com
Tue May 12 23:05:24 PDT 2009

Hello Derek,

> On Wed, 13 May 2009 01:04:19 +0000 (UTC), BCS wrote:
>> Ah! One of my favorite qwerks of the English language, how to refer
>> to a specific single someone of unknown gender without insulting
>> them: "it"?
> I hate it but what can I do?
> Use "they". Sure, its wrong but everyone knows what you mean. As in
> ... "A good coder will write useful comments because *they* care."

Yeah, much as I dislike it, you end up having to. And as someone else pointed 
out, "they" is actually correct (why, I don't know). Also, in your case, 
it's the generic "they" and in one way of thinking, it *is* plural (as in 
there are many people that it can refer to) so it kind of sounds reasonable.

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