std.string and std.algorithm: what to do?

Michiel Helvensteijn m.helvensteijn.remove at
Thu May 14 12:16:50 PDT 2009

Michiel Helvensteijn wrote:

> Your std.string.find() may carry the `algorithm' tag and the `string' tag.
> So perhaps if both (or either?) of those tags are imported into a project,
> the function would become available.

Hm.. I suppose a project could import any Boolean combination of tags:

import algorithm & string;
import algorithm | string;
import algorithm & !string;

And if modules were gone, I suppose you'd want to tag all your
standard-library functions with `std' as well.

A bit too radical a change, I suppose. But I believe I will think about this
some more. What do you think?

Michiel Helvensteijn

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