Please Vote: Exercises in TDPL?

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Thu May 14 22:10:56 PDT 2009

zkp0s wrote:
> Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
>> A chunky fragment of TDPL will hit Rough Cuts soon enough. I'm 
>> pondering whether I should be adding exercises to the book. Some books 
>> have them, some don't.
>> Pros: As I'm writing, I've come up with some pretty darn cool exercise 
>> ideas.
>> Cons: The book gets larger, takes longer to write, and I never solved 
>> the exercises in the books I've read, but then I'm just weird.
>> What do you think?
>> Thanks,
>> Andrei
> I think that TDPL book could have *some* exercises. Not at the point of 
> being filled of  exercises, but some understandable exercises  that 
> might be (very) helpful. I think it would be great to see some 
> appliances (step-by-step) of the lessons, somthing like "ordering with 
> binary trees" in "arrays".
> By the way. Is d2 focused? is it like a textbook or a reference book?

D2 exclusively. Textbook modeled after K&R.


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