Please Vote: Exercises in TDPL?

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Fri May 15 02:33:21 PDT 2009

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> Sean Kelly wrote:
>> Brad Roberts wrote:
>>> There's only one book that I can remember ever working through the 
>>> exercises
>>> on.. and that's even a stretch of the term exercise:  Exceptional C++.
>>> For any of you that develop c++ code and haven't read that book.. I 
>>> highly
>>> recommend it.
>> Scott Meyers is an excellent technical writer--he's one of the few 
>> authors whose books I'd pick up without ever cracking the cover.
> So is Herb Sutter, the author of Exceptional C++. Are you sure you cracked 
> that one even after you bought it? Nyuk, nyuk... :o)

Looks like I'm not the only one that gets those books confused :). When 
"Exceptional C++" was mentioned, I thought it was that C++ book you wrote.

I think I breifly browsed through one or two of those "E* C++" books before. 
Was very impressed with them (and also a similar book from a different 
publisher geared towards game dev), but I think my biggest take-away from 
all of them was, "Alright, that's it, screw C++." ;) Then I found D. Not 
that the books were difficult or anything, in fact they did a great job of 
making an extremely complicated language as easy as possible. But they just 
made it finally click in my mind just what a PITA/POS C++ had become. Shit, 
I'm rambling again... ;)

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