Please Vote: Exercises in TDPL?

Don nospam at
Fri May 15 04:51:03 PDT 2009

Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> A chunky fragment of TDPL will hit Rough Cuts soon enough. I'm pondering 
> whether I should be adding exercises to the book. Some books have them, 
> some don't.
> Pros: As I'm writing, I've come up with some pretty darn cool exercise 
> ideas.
> Cons: The book gets larger, takes longer to write, and I never solved 
> the exercises in the books I've read, but then I'm just weird.
> What do you think?

Depends on the exercise.

In Knuth, some of the best bits are in the exercises. But I think he was 
using them as a form of compression, reducing the size of the book to 
reasonable length <g>. I don't think I've bothered trying to solve the 
exercises in any other textbook, except in some rare cases where the 
exercise was so interesting that I really wanted to know what the answer 
was. I've never done an exercise for the sake of doing an exercise. But 
I'm weirder than you.

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