Please Vote: Exercises in TDPL?

Don nospam at
Fri May 15 22:14:27 PDT 2009

grauzone wrote:
>> Incidentally, here, or in D.learn, somebody was asking for symbolic 
>> derivation with D templates. I think one of the excercises in SICP was 
>> to write a lisp snippet that did just that.
>> Awesome stuff, through and through.
> An awesome way to hit compiler bugs, huh?
> Well sorry, but it's really like that: programming with D is awesome, 
> until you hit problems like ICEs.

I agree that it's a problem, which is why the latest compiler release 
got rid of 40% of the remaining segfault and ICE bugs (including the 
three most commonly encountered). You should find a significant 
improvement now.

I have patches for many of the remaining bugs. Unfortunately there are 5 
ICE bugs in bugzilla with no test cases, which means they can't be fixed.

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