Please Vote: Exercises in TDPL?

Daniel Keep daniel.keep.lists at
Sun May 17 02:52:50 PDT 2009

Don wrote:
> Do you think it might be bug 1439? (note that the test case probably
> doesn't work any more, since Walter started hashing ultra-long mangled
> names, but the point remains that there's a (narrow) range of symbol
> lengths which will kill OPTLINK). Or yet another instance of bug 424? Or
> is likely to be something else? (IE, is your code template-heavy?)
> I can't make bug 2817 crash, and it's the only other plausible optlink
> segfault in bugzilla.

I don't think it's 1439.  The crash actually only shows up when I use -g
or -gc when I'm compiling.  If I leave that off, it's fine.

It's when I try to use tango.math.random.Random that it starts crashing.
 I can use one method from that module, it's fine.  If I try to use more
than one, it blows up.  Note that it's quantity, not a specific symbol.

Plus, if I compile the module with just a dummy main method, it's fine.

It MIGHT be 424.  I'm getting the crash at EIP=004244FB.  I'm not
getting a fixups error message, if that's part of the symptoms, though.
My code isn't "template-heavy" (at least, not by my standards), but the
Random module does appear to be.

I'm toying with a little OMF dumper program at the moment.  I suppose
that's the easiest way to see if I'm hitting the fixup limit...

Incidentally, if Walter or yourself would like the object files causing
the crash, I can provide those (probably via private email).  I just
can't upload it generally since it's a private project.

  -- Daniel

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