Steve Teale steve.teale at britseyeview.com
Sun May 17 10:05:09 PDT 2009

Fawzi Mohamed Wrote:

> As we are about JSON blip has also one.
> It does not aim at replacing tango's one, which is really fast, and is 
> the way to go if you want to read JSON to an in memory representation 
> of it.
> On the other hand if you want to use JSON for serialization, i.e. to 
> read into your objects, or to write out them, then what is in blip 
> could be interesting as it is a serialization frameworkd that support 
> json (and also a binary protocol), and could be exteded to support 
> other protocols like xml.
> Fawzi


What I've done is actually going pretty well, I can parse all the examples from www.json.org (albeit with changes that I don't want to make - they have an example (the most complicated one) with variable names that would not compile in Javascript). My test program parses them, converts them to XML, then converts them back back to JSON, and compares the outputs.

D/Phobos really does make this stuff easy - I love it!


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