Eliminate the baroque floating-point operators a la !<>=

Michiel Helvensteijn m.helvensteijn.remove at gmail.com
Sun May 17 14:17:12 PDT 2009

Michiel Helvensteijn wrote:

> There's this thing, though. I would make it so !(a op b) is equivalent to
> (a !op b). It's a nice property. The IEEE standard requires that you set a
> certain exception flag when comparing with a NaN value, right? Well, just
> set the flag with the extra operators as well. The !(a op b) = (a !op b)
> thing can even be extended to the and/or/xor operators.

Hm, I now realise this may be a problem for D, since it uses == for equality
and != for non-equality. A consequence of using = for assignment, one of
the most irritating backwards-C-compatibility things ever.

Michiel Helvensteijn

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