"with" should be deprecated with extreme prejudice

Spacen Jasset spacenjasset at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 18 03:06:46 PDT 2009

BCS wrote:
> Hello Andrei,
>> Robert Fraser wrote:
>>> This. Just issue an error/warning if something in the with shadows
>>> something outside. That way, if the struct/class/template/whatever
>>> changes, affected code will be notified.
>> No warning, error!
> warning if it exist, error if used?

It probably should be an error. Then though, you have the unfortunate 
thing whereby adding something to say struct X will shadow and generate 
a compile error, which you can only fix by:

a) Not using with
b) rename identifier in your sturct
c) rename local variable

I seem to remember some language (I think it's VB) supporting with that 
required a "." prefix in front of with enclosures. Like so:

auto a = 0;
with (foo)
	a = 0;
	.a = 1;

This is a bit dangerous too though, in terms of typos.

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