Finalizing D2

Jason House at
Fri May 22 18:08:13 PDT 2009

BCS wrote:

> Hello Jason,
>> Should the final freezing of D2 be delayed until major D1 libraries
>> port to D2? I'm mostly thinking of Tango, but I bet there are others.
>> It may even be good if major libraries could use a Phobos-compatible
>> license and become part of the releases by digital mars.
> Maybe it should be declared "done" as in it's got everything that Walter,
> Andrei, Barotsz and friends what in it, but it might be changed if the Lib
> writers as for some tweaks. Sort of a "feature" freaze.


"Walter, Andrei, Bartosz, and friends": If you're reading this, can you shed 
some light on what's happening before D2 is declared stable?  And when?

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