Finalizing D2

Jason House at
Fri May 22 18:11:57 PDT 2009

Robert Clipsham wrote:

> My main thought is that this is a bit early to be thinking about this.
> D2 is still in alpha, with lots of feature and bug changes in each
> release. Until its feature set begins to settle I don't think it is too
> important to think about how to manage a release.

I get the impression from some of Andrei's posts that D2 may be declared 
done in 3 months.  (I made up that number, but that's the general vibe that 
I get)  If that's true, it really is time to consider this stuff.  There's 
not a lot of time for revisions to the book before it goes to print.  I also 
expect a solid finalization process to take a few months.  D shouldn't take 
anywhere near as long as C++0x to standardize. If we really do focus on 
supplying patches, that will take a considerable amount of time.

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