Finalizing D2

dsimcha dsimcha at
Sat May 23 08:39:02 PDT 2009

== Quote from Christopher Wright (dhasenan at's article
> Brad Roberts wrote:
> > Don wrote:
> >> bearophile wrote:
> >>> Andrei Alexandrescu:
> >>>> there's been a sharp increase in bug reports and patches recently.
> >>>> Walter and I are still scratching our head over that (it's not like
> >>>> dmd got much crappier overnight). I can only infer that more people
> >>>> have started using more of D.
> >>> I think it's mostly a complex consequence of showing DMD source code.
> >>> I have "predicted" this outcome in one post more than one year ago.
> >> Yes. It's the simple fact that you can compile DMD out-of-the-box. In
> >> fact, everyone who has downloaded DMD is "forced" to have a working copy
> >> of the source code!
> >> It's interesting to compare this with GDC, which, with the GNU license,
> >> is a purer form of "free software". Yet, it's amazingly difficult to get
> >> it to compile (I tried once, and failed).
> >> It's not just about having source code "available".
> >
> > I don't believe that to be the case.  That would explain why more _fixes_ are
> > being provided (primarily thanks to your contributions), but not why there's
> > been an increase in bug _filing_.
> Walter would say that the number of bug reports for a compiler is an
> indication of its popularity.

The other thing is that, seeing more bug fixes with each release (thanks Don),
people are more motivated to file bugs they notice.  Also, with D2 getting close
to final, people are probably more motivated to make sure whatever's been
bothering them gets into Bugzilla now than before.

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