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Sat May 23 12:27:21 PDT 2009

bearophile, el 23 de mayo a las 14:12 me escribiste:
> Andrei Alexandrescu:
> >Some of them may be dropped.<
> My suggestion, for D2, is to assume all minimally serious D2 programmers will have both Phobos2 and Tango2 installed.
> So Phobos can contain core functionality and Tango the utilities, higher level things, more data structures, etc, reducing the overlapping to low levels.
> Someone recently has said a comparison: they may become like the STL and Boost of C++, usually both used/installed.

I don't know exactly what's the point for this. In C++ it makes sense
because the standarization process is really annoying. If you don't have
a "parallel pseudo standard library" C++ is close to useless. And there is
no "official" opensource C++ STL, every compiler is supposed to
implement its own.

Most modern languages with a relaxed community-driven specifications, that
can evolve easily, don't have such duality, they try to include common
enough functionality into the standar library, because anyone that wants
to implement a new compiler can use the "official" opensource standar
library. I agree that having a huuuge standard library is not good either,
because is kind of problematic when porting to small devices and such. But
to address this I think it could be better to define a core standard
library and an extended one. But let both be standard. Then a compiler can
provide only the core standard library if minimalism is needed, or the
complete one (something like "full java" vs. "java me").

That said, I don't see as a problem that other libraries exists. Is just
that Tango seems to be a very base library, which makes sense to be
standard, when you expect most people will always use phobos+tango.

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