OT: on IDEs and code writing on steroids

BCS none at anon.com
Sat May 23 22:32:21 PDT 2009

Hello Yigal,

> Georg Wrede wrote:
>> Yigal Chripun wrote:

>>> Make _is_ a build tool
>> Yes. But since it's on every Unix since almost 40 years back, it
>> doesn't count here.  :-)
>> Besides, it has tons of other uses, too. One might as well say that a
>> text editor is a build tool. You construct (or erect) software with
>> it. ;-)
> Nope. it does count as an external build tool

OK and so can bash because it can run scripts.

But that's not the point. Neither make nor VS's equivalent is what this thread 
was about. At least not where I was involved. My point is that the design 
of c# *requiters* the maintenance (almost certainly by a c# specific IDE) 
of some kind of external metadata file that contains information that can't 
be derived from the source code its self, where as with D, no such metadata 
is *needed*. If you wanted, you could build a tool to take D source code 
and generate a makefile or a bash build script from it

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