Problem with .deb packages

grauzone none at
Sun May 24 08:33:37 PDT 2009

> The packages are still broken. I dont know who did it but we can't let 
> that on the website.
> It's hard to persuade people to use D if packages are broken and there 
> isn't Windows installer. I think a lot of people dont even try by seeing 
> that.

You can bet on that. It makes you wonder how whoever assembled the 
package tested it. Did you just go with --force-all because he couldn't 
figure out various things about the package system? What the heck did he 
do? And why the hell is it not fixed yet?

Providing broken packages is as nice to the user as providing virus 
infected .exe files.

Now the irony is, that Wlater wouldn't even allow Debian to redistribute 
a properly packaged dmd... (if Debian wanted to)

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