Bartosz Milewski Missing post

Jason House at
Tue May 26 20:21:39 PDT 2009

Bartosz Milewski wrote:

> The post is back, rewritten and with some code teasers.

We've been teased for 6 months or more.  I'm hoping the details will come 
out quickly now!

Here's what I took away from the article:
* Goal is to have minimal code changes for single threaded code
* unique and lent are two new new transitive type constructors
* lockfree is a new storage class (to guarantee sequential consistency)
* The new := operator is used for move semantics (if appropriate for type)
* Objects can be declared as self-owned

I think a deep understanding of exactly what the final design is requires 
understanding the ownership scheme which isn't described yet.

unique is to invariant as lent is to const.  Function arguments can be 
declared as lent and accept both unique and non-unique types (just like 
const can accept immutable and non-immutable types).  Lent basically means 
what I think scope was intended to mean for function arguments.  I'm happy 
to finally see unique in the type system since it really felt like a gaping 
hole to me.

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