Bartosz Milewski Missing post

Tim Matthews tim.matthews7 at
Wed May 27 17:23:53 PDT 2009

Jason House wrote:

> Don't read into it. I took it as being more readable for non-D users. Angle brackets show up in C++ templates, Java generics, and C# generics. IMHO, <> is more recognizable, even for those that don't code in any of the languages mentioned. D's syntax is good, just not wide spread. 
> Notice the lack of a template<typename T> that's required for C++, instead, the template argument is after the class name. There's also no constrictor or initializers which would be bugs in C++. It still looks like tweaked D code.

Fuck that! I am very experienced in C++ , C# and some in java and read 
some of his articles a long time ago, I was just pointing out that 
design decision and that "Similar to D but C++/Java users will be OK" 

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