D2 std.conv to D1 please

Saaa empty at needmail.com
Wed May 27 18:36:02 PDT 2009

> Why can't this be in official Phobos1?
> It's a ploy from the D2 camp, right? :)

>If by "ploy" you mean "Walter's official stance not to change D1 or
>Phobos 1," then yes, it's a ploy.  But that's a bit harsh, no?
 I fixed it to how I meant it.

But I do find it a tad strange.
What disadvantage is there? Additional bugs maybe..
Sorry, this is probably a very old and closed discussion :)

>Also, if you need the Phobos docs from 2.008, just download the 2.008
>DMD zip.  They're in there.

Maybe the docs could be on the project page, as now the links are to the 
latest phobos. 

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