Source control for all dmd source

dennis luehring dl.soluz at
Fri May 29 07:31:18 PDT 2009

On 29.05.2009 16:26, dennis luehring wrote:
> On 29.05.2009 15:18, Jason House wrote:
>> Over in D.anounce, the LDC devs said they would have an easier time
>> upgrading to newer dmd (fe) versions if the source was in source
>> control. Even if Walter is the only one with write access, it's still
>> be helpful. It's helpful for more than just the LDC folks; that's just
>> the most recent example.
>> How about it Walter? IIRC, Andrei has been encouraging you to do this
>> for awhile now.
> maybe on like phobos 1/2 - seams to work realy good for
> walter and andrei (and all others)

does all include optlink sources, too? :-)

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