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Fri May 29 08:43:24 PDT 2009

Andrei Alexandrescu, el 28 de mayo a las 19:52 me escribiste:
> To me, adding concurrency capabilities to D is nothing like adding window 
> dressing on top of whatever crap is there. Java and C++ are in trouble, and 
> doing what they do doesn't strike me as a good bet. You're right about missing 
> the train, but I think you and I are talking about different trains. I don't 
> want to embark on the steam-powered train.

I agree. Maybe is just unjustified fear, but I see D2 being to concurrency
what C++ was to templates. Great new idea, terrible hard to use and
understand for mortals. For some time people used to think they were
complex because they had to, but I think D could prove that wrong ;)

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