Compile-time generated code... not that nice

Steve Teale steve.teale at
Sun May 31 10:56:20 PDT 2009

Ary Borenszweig Wrote:

> I just realized that code generated at compile-time (with string mixins) 
> is hard (or impossible) to debug (I mean at runtime, not just at 
> compile-time). Do you think it's a big shortcomming of D? How can this 
> be solved?
> Maybe the compiler can generate a file with the contents of a module 
> with mixins expanded, and use these files as the input to the compiler 
> and linker, so these can be used in the debugging process.


And because often the only way to make code compile with either d1 or d2 is to use a mixin in the D2 version block, that means that it will be that D2 is a pain to debug.

What are you using for debugging? I'm still using writefln, or failing that, printf, but I would like to advance.


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