Why are void[] contents marked as having pointers?

BCS none at anon.com
Sun May 31 13:44:48 PDT 2009

Hello Andrei,

> Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
>> This isn't about performance, this is about having one thousand casts
>> all over my code. It becomes a burden to cast everything to ubyte[]
>> when working with abstract binary data. For example, when building a
>> MIME multipart message with binary fields, every line needs to have a
>> cast in it - when we could have just used the ~= operator to append
>> to a void[].
> Another alternative would be to allow implicitly casting arrays of any
> type to const(ubyte)[] which is always safe.

sounds like something that might work. 

> But I think this is too
> much ado about nothing - you're avoiding the type system to start
> with,

I'm not sure he is (or at least, he is in a very well defined way; "I need 
to look at this data as its bytes")

> so use ubyte, insert a cast, and call it a day. If you have too
> many casts, the problem is most likely elsewhere

You might be correct, but I don't think any of us have enough info right 
now to make that assertion. 

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