Multiple subtyping with alias this and nested classes

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Sat Oct 3 10:11:37 PDT 2009

Andrei Alexandrescu, el  3 de octubre a las 12:03 me escribiste:
> >So, there we are, you have D, which doesn't support MI per se, you have to
> >hack it. You can do it with the nested-inherited-classes+alias-this hack,
> >or by using interfaces+mixins. We agree at least that you have the same
> >result with both right? Then, I guess is just a matter of taste. I simply
> >find much more obscure and complex the nested-inherited-classes+alias-this
> >hack than interfaces+mixins :)
> I don't see using a nested class (or any class) with alias this as a
> hack. It's the way the whole thing is supposed to work in the first
> place.

Ok, then, I just find it ugly and unnecessary since you can do the same
with interfaces+mixins. It's just a matter of personal preferences (as
I said in my first mail), there is no point on arguing about it. =)

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