The D programming language newsgroup should lift its game

Justin Johansson no at
Thu Apr 1 21:51:47 PDT 2010

Nick Sabalausky Wrote:

> > My comment was intended to refer to the amount of troll feeding in recent 
> > times and
> > the disproportionate amount of discussion on seemingly (to me) trivial 
> > discussion
> > (e.g. tabs and spaces).
> >
> Disproportionate amount of tab/space discussion in comparison to troll 
> feeding? So, not enough tab/space discussion then? Ok, "Viva la tabs!!" :) 
> Or not enough troll feeding?
> (I know what you really meant. I just couldn't resist ;) )

Ha, ha, that's okay I can take a ribbing :-)

> I find the trivial and offtopic stuff to be among the most interesting. And 
> if I come across one I find particularly pointless, it's trivial enough to 
> ignore it. Troll feeding can be problematic, we don't want to encourage the 
> trolls, but I'm not about to crusade against troll feeding or anything like 
> that :)
> About the only topic that ever does bug me is meta-debates about what types 
> of discussions should or shouldn't be allowed or tolerated. That kind of 
> thing has a tenancy to really damage a group (I've seen it happen) far more 
> than any bikeshed ever will.

Fair enough; really just wanted to know what people thought.

Thanks for your comment.

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