Memory Corruption with AAs

dsimcha dsimcha at
Fri Apr 2 11:22:04 PDT 2010

== Quote from Walter Bright (newshound1 at's article
> dsimcha wrote:
> > Has anyone else still been noticing difficult to reproduce memory corruption
> > issues in the presence of associative arrays with 2.042?  They seem to happen
> > very infrequently and non-deterministically.  I can only reproduce them in the
> > context of a large program.  However, they don't occur in 2.040 (the release
> > before the array stomping patch), and they are clearly a result of memory
> > corruption, as contents of arrays change from what I expect them to be to
> > completely random-looking values inside a loop that does a lot of memory
> > management and uses AAs heavily but doesn't modify the values.
> 1. is it multithreaded?
> 2. does your code have any dangling pointers into AAs?

The program as a whole is multithreaded, but the part where the bug occurs is an
initialization routine that is executed before any threads other than the main one
are launched.

As far as the dangling pointers question, I don't understand how there could be
dangling pointers into GC-managed memory, since if there are pointers to it, it
won't be freed.  (Ignoring dirty tricks that I'm not using in this case.)

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