The D programming language newsgroup should lift its game

Don nospam at
Sun Apr 4 07:50:59 PDT 2010

Kagamin wrote:
> Don Wrote:
>>> A big start would be ditching the newsgroups for proper forum software. 
>>> I know a lot of people here prefer the newsgroups, but like it or not 
>>> this is 2010. Newsgroups are from yesteryear.
>> I have to say, most forums seem incredibly amateurish to me. I'm amazed 
>> that absolute garbage like phpBB is actually still in use. Is there any 
>> *good* forum software out there? It doesn't seem like it would be hard 
>> to beat a newsgroup. But...
> Any amateurish software is far better than the crappy one.

If you mean the web interface, yes that's even more amateurish. But I 
hope nobody is seriously using that, it's just a quick hack for if you 
don't have a newreader.

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