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> I have an experimental std.ddoc that generates TeX.

>From a 'pure ddoc' file or from a .d file?
It transforms ddoc mark-up into TeX mak-up?

Would it allow (theoretically) for literate programming?

weave("file.ld"); // creates file.tex
tangle("file.ld"); // creates file.d

> I understand your arguments - they're pretty much echoing those of myself
> and of Janice Caron when we first saw the Phobos docs. It didn't take me a
> long time to appreciate ddoc. Right now I'm considering converting my entire
> website to use ddoc. HTML is a pile of dung to actually write text in, and
> somehow I always up editing the raw HTML no matter how much editors are
> trying to hide it from me.
> So how about this - give it a while and it's not impossible that your view
> might change.

I still would like DDoc to allow for some sectioning:

section: sectionName
some section comments. This section is all about fun and foo.

// fun doc

//foo doc

section: next section,about bar and baz

But, as far as I understand it, right the comments are all associated to the
next declaration.

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