DMD 64bit Status?

dsimcha dsimcha at
Wed Aug 18 15:07:44 PDT 2010

== Quote from Jonathan Crapuchettes (jcrapuchettes at's article
> Can anyone tell me the status of the DMD 64bit compiler? I'm going to be working
> on a project in the next month that will involve 18,000 x 18,000 double
> matrices. 32bit will only allow me to work with 1 at a time and I need to be
> able to handle minimum of 2 at a time. I have thought of using LDC, but that
> would require rewriting 10,000 lines of code to work with Tango instead of Phobos.
> Thank you,
> JC

If you're not using D2, but lack of Phobos in LDC is getting in the way, you could
try Tangobos (  It's basically a port
of the D1/Phobos high-level modules to the Tango runtime.

If you are using D2, then you're pretty much SOL until DMD64 is ready.  Although
GDC has been resurrected and D2 support is being worked on, its D2 support is so
outdated that the chances of it being up to date before DMD64 is ready are close
to zero.  LDC2 basically doesn't work right now and doesn't seem to be getting
much attention.

One more thing to note:  The matrix in question takes ~2.5 GB of space, so if you
could drop down to single precision floats, use a 64-bit OS and use large address
support (which allows you to use all 4GB of 32-bit address space for your userland
code if you have a 64-bit OS), you may be able to get away w/ doing your work in

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