Jason House jason.james.house at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 16:50:36 PDT 2010

Does ddmd use/port the back end? If so, you may be violating the backend license. If not, what are you using as the backend?

Denis Koroskin Wrote:

> dolive Wrote:
> > thanks£¬great work !
> > make an all out effort !
> I've implemented 127 missing methods (958 down to 831) yesterday.
> druntime compiles for a long time now (producing exactly the same binaries that DMD produces) and I hope that Phobos will be there soon enough.
> I'd say it is 80% complete but still missing a few key components.
> I have only tested it on Win32, but Linux might work, too (the was some work done to support it).
> Keep in mind that it is based on DMD2.032 which is almost a year old. It is also D2-only ATM but I believe D1 support can be added with little effort since a lot of the code is shared between the two versions with differences being versioned out. I tried not to break anything as much as I could.
> I'll report more when I manage to compile Phobos entirely.

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