[Slight OT] TDPL in Russia

BCS none at anon.com
Mon Aug 30 22:03:14 PDT 2010

Hello Kagamin,

> dsimcha Wrote:
>> Of course everyone thinks ~60-70% of what Hollywood puts out is crap.
>> The problem is that everyone thinks that about a **different**
>> ~60-70% because different movies cater to different niches.  Having a
>> single centralized "this movie is crap" authority is how dictatorship
>> works.  Producing movies even if only a minority thinks they're worth
>> watching, as long as that minority can pay enough to make it
>> profitable is how capitalism works.
> I know, there's a niche for crap.
> You can replace the question of quality with question of profit. I
> call it ignorance.

Everything you like, someone else thinks is crap and someone else thinks 
is offensive. Same goes for me. And everyone else. Any standard chosen by 
/a man/ is arbitrary and not inherently any better than any other.

... <IXOYE><

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