TDPL a bad idea?

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Fri Feb 5 19:24:04 PST 2010

retard wrote:
> It's interesting to see that even though modern web page/app developers 
> have spent enormous effort on usability issues, techies still don't like 
> it. The sad fact is that web forums are more or less a poor copy of the 
> good old usenet newsgroups. The new format requires more bandwidth and 
> server capacity, has more security holes, and all kinds of other issues 
> (larger latencies, all kinds of retards posting spam, the apps don't 
> appear in my start menu). Almost all network capable applications I use 
> deal with other protocols than the web 2.0 crap - irc, nntp, torrent, 
> rtsp, sip, smtp/imap, ssh, nx, etc.

NNTP isn't new or sexy or "web 2.0". It is very utilitarian, though. 
That aspect appeals to techies.

I like that in cars, too <g>. I like the old cars with no options.

I had a car once with modern, computer-controlled heater system in it. 
The damn thing was a nuisance, as it was always overriding my commands. 
I took it to the dealer because it simply wouldn't blow hot air out the 
vents, regardless of how hot the engine was. The dealer said the system 
wouldn't do that because it would make the driver sleepy. 
Gawddammittohell, the reason I wanted it to blow hot air was to keep the 
windshield free of condensation.

I no longer have that car, and don't miss it. My old truck blows hot air 
when I need it to. The hand-cranked windows go up and down, too, unlike 
the gawddammed electric ones which always fail in the down position. 
I've had 4 cars with electric windows and 3 of them failed.

Oh yeah, and the brakes work, too, instantly when I push on them, unlike 
the current <cough cough> computer controlled ones in the news. And if 
the throttle got stuck, I just step on the clutch & brake. BFD. I can't 
believe Toyota's engine off switch takes 3 seconds to respond. Off 
switches must work instantly.

Okay, enough of the old guy rant!

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