How DMD's -w *Prevents* Me From Seeing My Warnings

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Thu Feb 11 16:20:27 PST 2010

"Rainer Deyke" <rainerd at> wrote in message 
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> daoryn wrote:
>> You missed the point: theres an annoying bug in DMD and a fix has
>> been available for it for 1 year and its still accumulating dust on
>> bugzilla. The Original Author is not complaining about C's author,
>> he's complaining about a bug in the compiler.
> No, I completely agree with the original post.  '-w' is broken.  We all
> know that.  I'm just forestalling any attempt to shift the blame to the
> author of C.
> A conforming D implementation is allowed to warn about anything it wants
> to.  A conforming D implementation is not allowed to turn these warnings
> into errors, because that breaks valid code.  Therefore DMD with '-w' is
> not a conforming D implementation.

Heh, I'm starting to think I should have chosen X, Y and Z for my example. 
Here am I reading replies to my own message, I come across "C's author" and 
I start thinking "K&R" (Argh, more letters! ;) ) 

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