foreach_reverse is better than ever

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Sun Feb 14 09:18:02 PST 2010

Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> Michel Fortin, el 14 de febrero a las 07:48 me escribiste:
>> On 2010-02-14 05:12:41 -0500, Jacob Carlborg <doob at> said:
>>> It iterates backwards, all the way back to the 50s. I think
>>> "reverse" is a much better word.
>> Agree.
>> My dictionary says: "retro": imitative of a style, fashion, or
>> design from the recent past.
>> It's an amusing name in the way Andrei likes it, but the meaning
>> isn't very clear. "reverse" would be a better name.
> This is a pattern in Andrei, which I think it really hurts the language
> (the names are very clever and funny, but that shouldn't be the point of
> a name, a name should be clear).

At least in this case being funny was not the point. I needed a name 
that was (a) short, (b) different from "reverse", (c) memorable. It is 
understood that other paint colors are available, but please don't 
forget to give a little love to the painter. :o) It would be of course 
best if names that arguably hurt the language were changed, so please 
compile a list.


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