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Tue Jul 13 12:29:36 PDT 2010

Graham St Jack, el 13 de julio a las 06:26 me escribiste:
> GDB:
> ----
> What is the status of D support in GDB? The last post I saw was back in 
> April. It is currently hard work to debug with gdb when it doesn't 
> understand D name mangling.

The patch was accepted a while ago and the next GDB version will heve
them (you can try CVS's GDB if you need it now). I'm not sure if it
support D2 new stuff though.

> Profiling:
> ----------
> How do I profile a D2 program? When I try -profile in dmd, the resultant 
> executable crashes with a segfault when I try to run it. When I try 
> sysprof, I get a handful of mangled names, and no call graph.

Same here, I use valgrind's callgrind + kcachegrind, is slooooow, but
very nice.

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