Why will the delete keyword be removed?

PercentEwe make at example.org
Thu Jul 15 08:02:17 PDT 2010

== Quote from Max Samukha (spambox at d-coding.com)'s article
> Not that I fiercely disagree but ideally I'd want it to be obliterated
> to an invalid but easily recognizable state. It might help to discover
> dangling pointer errors early. Otherwise, leaving a destroyed object in
> a perfectly valid state may make debugging more fun than it needs to be.

You could use:
class A
   int guard = 0xdeadbeef;
   this () { guard = 0; }
   invariant () { assert (guard == 0); }

Really annoying, though, and it makes more sense to set the guard in the
destructor. (A compiler option to do something like this automatically
would be nice.)

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