Overloading property vs. non-property

dsimcha dsimcha at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 08:42:28 PDT 2010

== Quote from torhu (no at spam.invalid)'s article
> In case the answer is no, that example of yours is the perfect
> opportunity to dust off the almost-forgotten with statement :)
> with (Histogram(someData, 10)) {
>       barColor = getColor(255, 0, 0);
>       histType = HistType.Probability;
>       toFigure.title = "A Histogram";
>       xLabel = "Stuff";
>       showAsMain();
> }
> A bit more typing, but I'd say that it's easier to read.

But toFigure returns a Figure, not this.  The idea is that you'd set all the
properties for the Plot, then put toFigure somewhere in your chain, then set all
the properties for the Figure.

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