State of and plans for the garbage collector

Bane branimir.milosavljevic at
Thu Jul 15 11:50:49 PDT 2010

Anyway, I'm here bitching myself :) Just want to say that idea to have more than one GC type to chose when compiling would be very interesting thing, if single implementation can't be good for all cases.

> If I had to chose one topic with most bitchin' on this newsgroup I have impression it would be the one about GC. They usually goes from 'GC managed programs are slow, D ain't good enough', to 'language X has better GC than D', to ' GC that D has is bad at Z'.
> Why not make D summer of code - write your own GC optimized for special case of XYZ, send it, bundle all up in D with compiler switch '--useGC=XYZ'. That is only way to really compare what is best for special case.

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