Why don't other programming languages have ranges?

levenshtein distance at fun.org
Mon Jul 26 06:14:37 PDT 2010

Walter Bright Wrote:

> bearophile wrote:
> > Andrei Alexandrescu:
> >> In my humble opinion, the design of Java, C#, and Go is proof that their
> >> authors didn't get the STL. Otherwise, those languages would be very
> >> different.
> > 
> > I don't believe you. Among the designers of Java, C# and Go there are people
> > that are both experts and smart.
> Of course they are experts and smart. That doesn't mean they won't make 
> mistakes. Both Java and C# have added generic support only after several cycles. 
> We'll see how long Go manages to resist adding it. My prediction is Go will not 
> become a mainstream language without it.

At least the hype around Go shows that the language's authors enjoy a huge respect. Some people believe that because of the divine effort from Rob Pike, no matter how bad Go looks now, it will replace ALL other languages very soon. Go is going to be used in kernel development, in systems programming, in application programming, as a low-level scripting language. It will replace everything.

> > C# designers have shown to be sometimes smarter than D designers.
> And D sometimes has smarter decisions than C#. I think the statement is meaningless.

C# is already a legacy language. Now we have Clojure and Go.

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