GC.calloc with random bits causes slowdown, also seen in built in AA

Michael Rynn michaelrynn at optusnet.com.au
Sun Mar 14 18:03:38 PDT 2010

> a major overhaul, and I introduced a nasty bug that causes this.  Please
> apply the fix identified here:
> http://www.digitalmars.com/webnews/newsgroups.php?
> Sorry again.  I hope this can be fixed soon.
> -Steve

This particular progressive slowdown of built-in AA is not due to the bug 
introduced with 2-040.  It was present in 2-039, and is also observable 
in the dmd, druntime (rev 265 for lifetime.d), phobos, built from latest 
SVN for the fixed 2-041

The pydict performance still 25% worse than fastest builtin AA, but does 
not slow anything down.  Once the builtin AA tests have been run, 
everything slows down, including the pydict.



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