// A great help for the best D, I think //

Rick Trelles RTrelles at bellsouth.net
Sat May 1 11:35:49 PDT 2010

I have been coding in C for 24 years, with added C++ features for 18. 
Also have some background in mechanical design, technical writing and 
Math teaching (yes, in teaching) too. Unfortunately I'm no outstanding 
expert, but one or two things I know.

I learned about D only two weeks ago. D is a great idea, very necessary, 
you all have done a tremendous work already, but... documentation needs 
important improvements yet, I think. I know one can't recruit 
Kernighans, Harbisons and Steeles to document all important computer 
projects, but I think there is an alternative that would greatly help 
D's documentation *and development*, and spreading.

It has occurred to me that a rather simple setup would help a lot in 
those respects: If someone just sets up a new bulletin board and turns 
every item in www.digitalmars.com/d/2.0, or at least those in the 
language and library references, into topics, a huge beneficial activity 
would be unleashed:

- Everyone in need of clarifications in any specific point could get 
them. Even people could contribute alternative ways of presentation of 
one or other feature.

- Everyone with comments or proposals of features could make them in 
exactly the best place for everybody to know them, and to receive attention.

- Surely the initial presentations of the specifications would change, 
extend and improve.

- Each feature could get an specific discussion on why it exists and how 
to use it.

- Finally an excellent treasure of information could be compiled from 
the board and published in a more formal format.

Sure, potentially people could instead insert those same comments in 
this newsgroup, but then everything would be dispersed.

Not bad for only two weeks in the community, uh?

Hoping you like the idea,

Rick Trelles

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