// A great help for the best D, I think //

Mathias Laurenz Baumann anonym001 at supradigital.org
Sat May 1 16:53:55 PDT 2010

> Ary Borenszweig wrote:
>> Then a long text below that, the links on the left are at the same  
>> level as the title and the text. But the other links (wiki, search,  
>> etc.) are above all of that, so I don't see them. And as far as I  
>> remember, other people couldn't see them either.
> I wonder if it's ad blindness.

oh wow, I never saw that buttons up there. I had no idea they exist. I  
never clicked on them or anything.
My whole navigation focus was always on the left menu. It makes it a  
little harder to get the attention to somewhere else, once one accepts  
that the navigation is left.

Maybe a more colorful hilighted head-line like on the tango site[1] would  
do the job?
Not the one at the bottom though, I took me ages to find the link to the  


[1] http://www.dsource.org/projects/tango

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