Improving Compiler Error Messages

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Sun May 2 19:18:23 PDT 2010

bearophile wrote:
>> So why does D have ; as a statement terminator? The simple answer is
>> because D is intended to have a low barrier for entry for C, C++, etc.,
>> programmers. The familiar look & feel makes the new language less
>> intimidating.<
> Note that in Python ending semicolons are optional, if you use them there are
> no errors, I have personally seen several C/Java programmers write Python
> code this way and this causes zero problems: x = 5; print x;
> And a C++ programmer scared by the fact that ending semicolons are optional?

Scared probably isn't the right word, though I can see you inferred that from 
"intimidating". I'd just like a C++ programmer to feel right at home using D.

> In JavaScript I want to use semicolons) :-)

You should - the inference bit is just bad.

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