Improving Compiler Error Messages

Ary Borenszweig ary at
Mon May 3 10:32:40 PDT 2010

div0 wrote:
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> bearophile wrote:
>> My personal answer, is that I've written too many semicolons in
>> my programming life, I prefer languages where I can avoid semicolons
>> at the end of lines (if the language is well designed for this
>> and doesn't infer anything. In JavaScript I want to
>> use semicolons) :-)
> Anybody who's serious about programming needs to learn to touch type.
> The semicolon is right there under your little finger

Depends on your keyboard layout.

  and using it takes
> far less time than trying to remember arbitrary and arcane rules about
> what is the end of a statement.

Arbitrary arcane runes? An end of line or a semicolon are the end of a 

> Actually typing the code & documentation is just a tiny fraction of the
> amount of time that I spend programming, but the layout and how it looks
> is extremely important. The shape and the spacing of my code allows me
> to navigate quickly to what I'm looking for.

The shape of the code looks much better without semicolons and 
parentehesis everywhere.

> This is why I really hate programming in Python, it really annoys me not
> being about to lay my code out my way. As far as I'm concerned the
> inventor of Python should be beaten to death with a sock full of tab
> keys. Making white space significant is the most heinously evil decision
> I've ever come across.

You should try Ruby, it doesn't care about tab characters and correct 

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