Improving Compiler Error Messages

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Mon May 3 11:49:32 PDT 2010

"Nick Sabalausky" <a at a.a> wrote in message 
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> "Ary Borenszweig" <ary at> wrote in message 
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>> div0 wrote:
>>> This is why I really hate programming in Python, it really annoys me not
>>> being about to lay my code out my way. As far as I'm concerned the
>>> inventor of Python should be beaten to death with a sock full of tab
>>> keys. Making white space significant is the most heinously evil decision
>>> I've ever come across.
>> You should try Ruby, it doesn't care about tab characters and correct 
>> indentation.
> I definitely like the freeform whitespace (for the same reasons Ary 
> mentioned).

Errm, div0, rather. 

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