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Jesse Phillips jessekphillips+D at gmail.com
Wed May 5 10:10:07 PDT 2010

Robert Jacques Wrote:

> On Tue, 04 May 2010 16:51:57 -0400, Rick Trelles <RTrelles at bellsouth.net>  
> wrote:
> [snip]
> I'd recommend reading the D language documentation on the Digital Mars  
> website.

Robert, that is exactly what he did. Each Document page on Digital Mars' website has a Wiki button in the upper right of the page, which links to a unique page on Wiki4D. Rick was commenting on the documentation of the Function page.


I think you bring up a lot of great points on where the documentation isn't very clear or lacking. In your earlier post you were interested in a place to explain features and request more detail on a specific feature. The DocComments are a great place for this, but you have also mixed in suggestions for the language. Wiki's do not make a great discussion board so it is best to keep these in the news group.

Sorry I Don't have time to leave comments on these suggestions though.

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