Unit tests in D

Don nospam at nospam.com
Wed May 5 12:42:44 PDT 2010

bearophile wrote:
> dmd D 2.045 improves the built-in unit tests resuming their run when they fail (it reports only the first failed assert for each unit test).
> There are many features that today a professional unittest system is expected to offer, I can write a long list. But in the past I have explained that it's a wrong idea to try to implement all those things in dmd.
> So a good solution that has all the advantages is:
> - To add dmd the "core" features that are both important and hard to implement nicely in an external library or IDE (or make D more flexible so writing such libs is possible, but this can be not easy).
> - To add dmd the compile-time reflection, run-time reflection or hooks that external unittest libs/IDEs can use to extend the built-in unit testing functionality.
> It's not easy to find such core features (that can be used by an IDE, but are usable from the normal command line too), this is my first try, and I can be wrong. Feel free to add items you think are necessary, or to remove items you know can be implemented nicely in an external library. Later I can write an enhancement request.

I think the majority of the items in your list can already be done 
fairly well (or easily enough by a library), except for giving names to 
unit tests.

One thing which you've not mentioned is in unittests for interfaces (and 
derived classes).
I would like to be able to check that *all* implementations of an 
interface satisfy a sequence of tests.

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