Unit tests in D

Don nospam at nospam.com
Wed May 5 18:44:44 PDT 2010

bearophile wrote:
> Don:
>> One thing which you've not mentioned is in unittests for interfaces (and derived classes). I would like to be able to check that *all* implementations of an interface satisfy a sequence of tests.<
> A "sequence of tests" can mean a group of tests, see point 6.
> So what you ask for can be seen as related to the point C, to associate a group of tests to a interface (and all its implementation tree). A possible way to implement this is with an attribute:

No, it's not related to point C in any way. The "sequence of tests" was 
not important. I should have said "one or more tests".
Also an attribute is a terrible way to implement almost anything -- you 
need a really good reason to add a new attribute.
My point could be solved with some level of run-time reflection. Or 
perhaps by allowing unittest{} as a (static) interface member.

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